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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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storms in to children's hospital and holds a staffer at gunpoint. could >> today be the last day a see cs delays and cancellations they had to court today. when will follow what the judge rules. while >> fire road spreading out of control in los angeles mandatory evacuations. >> we will check the weather down there as well we are also following forecast down here. a lot of fog out there so far as the ball on time but that could change in the next few minutes when we get an update. >> could morning james check out the shot from mt. tam showing us just take in this morning low clouds and fog above that clear skies once this list will see a mixture of clouds and sunshine today partly cloudy in the afternoon temperatures warming slightly today that will continue through the weekend
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along the peninsula it will stay cool stockton. satellite pictures of the north bay along the peninsula through dec. now get down to san jose as well in morgan hill. the next couple of hours we will stay caked in continuing to see shrouded in fog all up until about the o'clock hour by 9:00 a.m. clearing and then at 10:00 mixing it out but leaving clouds out there mixed into the afternoon with sunshine. 55 oakland warmer in hayward 56. south bay over. in the afternoon 80 degrees for center rosa we do get a bit of a warming. 73 san rafael 10 degrees cooler along the peninsula for san francisco down and to los gatos morgan hill could be in the '80s. livermore valley mid to upper 80s. 74 for
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hayward 68 in oakland. dear 7 day around they show a slight warming especially towards the end of the weekend by sending we could be pushing 90 degrees and some of the warmer inland spots mid-70s around the bay mid-60's for the coast. low clouds and fog expected to continue for most of the morning. next week becomes more patchy in nature temperatures continuing to climb. that's get a check gone commute with george. >> quiet start for your morning commute this friday no problems or hot spot snow delays no public transit problems to guard is on time. ace train cal train had rough times yesterday but a good start today. let's take a look at the bay bridge your ride west bound to the bay bridge which looks good as you can see no problems just as we did see a big second wave at 10:00 that accounted for some delays for cash customers. san mateo bridge
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conditions good no problems heading car crosses and you can see a fair amount of traffic in both directions already little heavy in this half hour. the golden gate bridge and easy ride from errant throw problems between novato and the golden gate bridge. you'll have an easy trip but their progress and no problems or delays. taking a live look to san francisco for look at the kenyan uncrossed down freeways inbound central problem the biggest problem he may have to use when shall wipers you can see drizzled there with the low fog. any to drive the heading to sl. we think there is delays for inbound flights there been no delays to the drive to the airport. >> starting with developing story which is unfolding in oakland a man storms in the hospital hot and holds a staffer at gunpoint. will tran is live
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with details. >> i can tell you this point the hospital is back to business as well as the emergency room more all this happened. this is video of the incident happened about 315 this morning you can see the officer's standing over this aspect according to the police department the suspect goes into the place he then was not brandishing a gun he was going in like a regular family member visiting somebody and then he goes into the emergency room area there were no patience there the time all of a sudden he grabs a staffer we don't know this point if she was a nurse and doctor, they are adjusting a staff member. this is achieved nerve nursing officer >> he appeared to be disoriented. he pulled a gun and held in employee hostage it was a brief incident the staff
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responded professionally, and appropriately. o pd were here in three minutes and it the entire incident lasted eight minutes. >> he walked in, didn't have a gun but once he had the hostages had begun to the hostage the nursing staff in the other people talked him out of it it appears no incident as far as injuries to the suspect as well as the person that was held hostage when he was taken out i can tell you he was shouting about a hundred times i give up i give up. don't shoot me, don't shoot me is taken away by ambulance to a hospital possibly for a mental evaluation. >> a quick question was this random? >> it appears to be random the staff knew nothing about this person in appears nobody in the emergency room even met this guy so he just came out of nowhere what in commonly which is why he
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got past security they're not talking about that but he appears as though he had the children in their. that's why he didn't raise any alarms until he grabbed the person and that's when he shot as and darya. >> think you james. >> the latest with the wildfires in southern california out of control right now here's some live images coming out they have helicopter high above you concede one portion of the growing fire seven square miles in total and it really grew from nothing yesterday afternoon to seven square 5 mi. this morning 4,500 a. burned so far 2000 homes under evacuation orders as a camera pushes and you can see how big an ominous these limbs are and a rugged the train is to structures have been fully engulfed in flames three at last check. we're waiting to get the number from caltrans is burning in all directions no one
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definite direction and that's what makes it a challenge for the sheriff's deputies in the area they have to get the word out so the people that live by get things in order so they don't have a direction this fire is going so they have to go everywhere once. everybody on alert in northern loss angeles county this fire less than 24 hours old are these seven or miles in size and wrong. we have seen them dropping water and it this morning. this isn't the only fire burning in l.a. we have two large fires as well fire crews really stretched thin will be surprising if we get the all call from bay area firefighters. >> 6 07 is the time contract dispute heads to court today the drivers union is asking the judge to overturn the new contract ac transit imposed on them after negotiations broke down since then drivers have been calling in sick bosses have
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been delayed and canceled as a result. there through possible loan comes first the judge today could decide to throw the new contract. that would most likely be appealed possibly putting the issue into legal limbo. second of come keep the new contract in place and the third out, for the judge not to make a decision which would leave the the dispute unresolved for the time being. the possibility of ongoing delays and cancelled around continuing as well for riders. stay with kron 4 for the very latest developments on the ac transit labor to spew they are now posting cancelled departures on line and you combine those by going to kron 4 and checking under news links combine those by going to kron 4 and checking under news links we @
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headlines futures down-as we await the opening bell in 15 innings the dow still bleeding from it is set to open the government released gross domestic product estimate. and this is what has the minister or mood the broadest measure of the oakland growth slowed to 2.4%. that is the weakest pace in the year obviously we will see a negative trading. they are finally getting volume the federal reserve says the assets are worth 69.1 billion. disney the walt disney co. said friday that it agreed to sell its miramax films to an investor
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group for about $660 million. the entertainment company signed an agreement late thursday with filmyard holding, an investor group led by construction magnate and hollywood outsider ronald tutor. justice determine has filed the u.s. department of justice filed a lawsuit thursday alleging that oracle corp. defrauded the government in a software deal that involved hundreds of millions of dollars. the suit claims that oracle misrepresented its sales practices in several ways, forcing the government - and by extension taxpayers - to overpay. oracle didn't respond to a request for comment. >> 613 will be back with more of a couple of minutes a live look at the wildfire burning in southern california in honda is out of control 2000 people have been evacuated this is a developing story happening right now.
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two counts of murder armed robbery and other charges related to the killing. they're
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both 18 years old. of the word. the work together in firing the shots killing two men who were lying on the ground and were brought as san francisco woman has been charged in grant that with taking money under false pretenses. they say they put the phone you add on crags less and spend more than $20,000 from renters. they had a three- bedroom apartment in the richmond industry in san francisco and was $2,400. she was not very friendly and one victim is now looking for a place to live. >> was a little suspicious for >> life? to >> speak coz she was not return your calls. and it was strange. it was sort of suspicious.
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>> she ca do have any idea whatu are born to do now. you're obviously going to call >> a place> yes any to find new apart and by saturday. >> the posted bail and she's pleaded not guilty. record appears to be september 1st. it is right now 623 will be right back.
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welcome back to 626 a m. we wanted the very latest on wildfires burning in california, again we have an update. but new tell us about this fire in progress? >> the last time we checked the winds were able to blow to
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lancaster. it is blowing through rural communities and firefighters have been looking very hard >> homes to consider a threat and rate of >> i do have a number but the destruction has done the bart easily a alston's of homes they're trying to get as many residents as a evacuated as possible. we want one of us tityras enclosed are and closer. it is not a very good plant. as the wind starts to pick up later
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today usually it starts to increase even more in the afternoon. we are born to work hard number of resources and aircraft and helicopters. in conjunction with the virus jumping they can contain it. we >> in northern california will need any help. we have a handful of by is. how are you as far as resources go? >> those are the been contained. we have been able to release them and we'll send a number where of strikes. remember, this
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is what we do in california. we're able to tap into local i do not know what specifically barred prints have today. in sacramento and in california >> to of a number of the buyer and humble? of be >> and partially this point we still remain at 0 percent contained. the progress that was made last night and in southern california the plans are 30, 40, it the height and sometimes even larger. " it's hardly cannot see where you're going. hopefully c,g6uh
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>> glass check is 40 a.? is less when you're working with. >> we will know more when the sun comes out. >> it you very much, we'll get more when we come back. >> you can hear the ringing on wall street right now. to see how we do business why it will be right back with more commercials.
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there back the time as 6:32 a.m. and a quick check the dow is down. it is down on those nine and a half. wall street is reacting right now to that. the gdp in the second quarter was about 22% which is the weakest world trade in some time. >> well we're going into the weekend and to start all with
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heavy clouds hanging over the bay area there could be a little bit of difference because the temperature be a little bit warmer. temperature >> is are shifting up ports. that is right, the temperatures are moving upwards will soar into movable but more than we did yesterday. are shocked from san jose's is 55 degrees. it is a high temperature today and back down to a 60 degrees at the o'clock hour. it is cool in summer sale. the ec itself into the north bay and the southern parts of the peninsula are getting out the gaps today. by about 8:00 we accord to continue with low clouds and by the 9:00 hour we will see fall down a south bay as well. we're still
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lead to see plenty of cloud cover out there, maybe little bit longer than we did before. the subtle be shining so partly come cloudy is expected. is to do degrees in san francisco 55 and oakland and upper 50s and the set. your afternoon high will be 80. san jose is going to warm up slightly and is still cool, topping out right around 73 degrees. hopping over to the east bay bill be getting up to about 66 degrees and down into a word about 74 degrees. as the temperatures get to the '80s and down in this update it will be even that 80s, hunt morgan help. your 70 around the bay will show
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sunday's to be the warmer of the two weekend is getting close to that 90 degree mark. the will continue running off into the afternoon. george? >> looking at a slow commute around the bay area, we just check for problems again on like a highway and is not really affecting the community in the big way. there are no hot spots around the bay area. we'll start off with the hot spot check. the west bound to me looks good. moments ago we checked with the metering lights and they have not yet been it activated. don no problems for ride across the san mateo bridge heavy volume for the san mateo bridge. whether or whether or not the numbers in the detail we do know that ever since congestion pricing went to the fact the 101 ride looks good. the northbound,
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set down, only two lanes and there's still no back up into marin county. that is to look for traffic. it is smooth sailing in this of bound direction as you head towards alamo there is not about that yet heading towards pleasanton. we did check public transit and there is an update. fiber six minutes there is a delay. terry? six >> 46 a large following a developing story of what happened earlier at the children's hospital in oakland. suddenly a man went into the hospital and held a staffer at gunpoint. they're investigating how is unfolding right now. will trade is why it out side and we're lucky that known as her will? >> nobody was hurt, if you are
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here, let me tell you it is open for business including the emergency room or all of this happened. this incident was shot around three this morning and you concede the police officer standing over the suspect describe to be in his 40's. you can see as he is wheeled into the ambulance and he said about 100 times " do not shoot me, do not shoot me! i give up! " he did not pressure than at the time when he walked in and all the sudden he grabs as staff person at the hospital, a woman and held her hostage for about four or five minutes or so, fortunately the other staff people where they quickly defused the situation, according to the police officer, by remaining com. after that the police officer took them away
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without incident and that person that was held hostage, she was not armed, but of course it let her go home and to terry, this is important, no patients were harmed. >> just get out quickly, the police got there in three minutes. >> well apparently well they're talking to damage the police officers were contacted and they came. they arrived in they did not have, from the video we saw, they did not see any officers pointed their guns or doing anything, it seemed like it was defused from the time it was over and the nursing officers kept giving credit to a staff and they kept talking to him a very calm way, there was no complete between him and any other staff member of the hold on this is happening. >> reporting live from oakland that was well. the time right
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now is a 30 a m will be back with more, we're what default is going on in wall street and right now the dow is down 104 points. (music) c,gv60 and we're back the time is 0640
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2:00 a.m.. we're following the0 latest developments in southern california where we have of wildfire that is spreading. it spread quite a bit over night and it has broken out, we have the real images here. it is ripping through all of the dry brush creek it is along north loss angeles county and it has destroyed two homes right now. there's a mandatory evacuation of at least two structures have been confirmed to be destroyed, even see the helicopters being used. now there is no basket underneath the helicopter so this could just be a survey helicopter. they're looking for routes to help fight it. the
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last we heard is seven square miles which is on hundred and 40 a. and it could change and come back with a more accurate reading regarding that. i want to show you cool earth and i want to show you that here is a late, the fire is burning in these mountains north of poland. we will show exactly where the fire started. this is where they believe that the ignition point was for the fire. right here, look, there are houses went around the area. this is why firefighters are jumping on this as fast as they can they are also evacuating everywhere where you see the red pluses. the evacuation center is here at the north, and the winds are blowing it to the north but also to the northeast. the town and the city upon hell, this is where the firefighters are racing against the clock, again here are the
6:44 am
mandatory evacuation places, it is mandatory evacuation. this is a store will be followed all morning. >> it is 6:44 a.m. and were looking at the big board. you can see the dow was down 71 points and interest rates rose as well. the government said that the economy is going at a slower pace than expected in the second quarter and that is what is going on for this friday morning. the dow was down right now, we will react.
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(music) welcome back to kron4 news, it is 6:47 a.m. on a friday morning and a look at the mt. tam can even see sea breeze. you can also see fog that has kicked in. if you are wondering what your weekend dislikes here is what look like after the fall the fog blows out. by saturday morning it will be a
6:48 am
little bit of lot about what if you sleeping, it will be clear when you it up. we're pushing the '90s and some of the inland spots and we're starting to warm up gradually. still today we are keeping the temperature is below what they should be. the storm trackers is showing as we're dealing, basically it is just thought that is pushing into the central valley and as we head towards 8:00 we're going to keep below clause around and about 9:00 a.m. it will go into the south bay. but as we head into the afternoon be required to kick some clouds around this issue and the coastline. there will be centered in the afternoon and it will be 52 in san francisco, redwood city and amid the easter oakland. the 60 degrees in san jose and your afternoon highs could actually get into the 80s. 76 degrees today the lot of and down into
6:49 am
the valley about 73. over the peninsula will be much cooler. san mateo and down into palo alto will looking at 60 degrees. and cast a rally it would be about 70. hayward and fremont is about 74. here is our warm spots. antioch's board to be about 88 degrees to santa clara valley will be jumping into the '70s and maybe even the '80s. 88 degrees from both los gatos and morgan help. and getting close to the 90 degree mark we are keeping those temperatures around as we head into next week the fog will be more patchy but next week and as temperatures accord to kept a little warmer. george? >> it is a fine friday, but this hour yesterday retracting several different hot spots but even the 580 here in the west c,gv)au not really
6:50 am
been backed up enough to really qualify for the rest of the writer to dublin. looks great. i will send you off with the bridge bridge track like this, the meter and light have not yet been activated, coming from the macarthur maze, all of the approaches look good. as you're leading towards a san mateo bridge, the traffic conditions are better on the highway and at the interchange your card to find an easier trend that has been reconfigured. yet extra lens that it in this up on the northbound side, and here's a look at the colgate bridge. we're looking at a trouble-free 101 and a to nevada and san francisco is an amazing drive time, under 25 minutes. the ride on interstate 80 is being picked up by our camera, you can track it here right through gold gate fields light and easy ride for
6:51 am
the shore and the upper east shore as well are moving well. the train no. 3 is running look behind schedule but no other public transit problems or delays. >> it is 651 i am the time i looking at the airport space the a president barack obama he is coming to airforce one to talk to workers there at the chrysler plants ended jefferson at the assembly plant to that is in detroit. he's talking about success in the auto industry bailout plan last year and a lot of the big three are coming back strong. >> the contract between ac transit driver has to court today, the drivers union is asking a judge to overturn the new contract that ac transit imposed after contract associations broke down. ever
6:52 am
since then we're noticing that the drivers have been calling in sick over 100 drivers, sometimes 200 a day, that since the contract was imposed and is thrown a wrench in the plans. trans workers are speaking ill and here is one driver who did not want to be identified and will his son to live is what he wanted to say. >> i've been here for 11 years and the entire 11 years i've never been mistreated. i'm not the one has this opinion. all 7250 people have this opinion. what they're doing to some of our drivers that come and at 11 or 12 midnight. sometimes we do not get off because there is nobody to leave us. we are only supposed to work up to 10 hours and sometimes we're forced worked well. >> this has caused many delays
6:53 am
and cancellations for writers and the ac transit, easy go to the website online and finding out what is more on their schedules, you can also go to our web site and check the news link. >> it turns out carpoolers seem to not want to pay to cross the old gate bridge. the traffic is down by 16 percent. while the car pools are down significant, traffic across the bridge has remained the same, they're often just to pay the regular fare and drive on the road. record to take a break but here are some pictures of the president walking across the tarmac ready to board air force one and had to detroit. we will have some comments on the auto industry that a point to coming up later. will be right back. (music)
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w wfywxñwix here are 657, we're taking
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another check that wall street, the dow is now down 58 points. a lot of this has to do with the turn that we have from yesterday. this morning we have an estimate of some members from the last quarter and it looks like it was only 2.4%, that was the slowest pace that we have had in some time, the traders are taking and that that in the last five years we're seeing more selling and we're hoping it will turn around. >> it keeping an eye on the wildfire that is burning right now, this is a live shot that is coming from the file, fire, it is hitting into a 1000 homes now in the palm area. it is a seven square mile area, as we look live we see that the airport all of the resources that they can, there is zero container right now. the 2000 homes that are in jeopardy right now and parts of palmdale are
6:58 am
going to be evacuated. they're doing their best to save the houses and keeping the flames racing towards the community. it is 658 we're taking a live look at the cap hanging over san francisco, at the top of the building you cannot even see it. we have a lot of fog this morning. we're looking a little bit of a warm-up. a group that.
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